"It's Important for Freedom"

By showing hunger, deprivation, starvation and brutality, as well as endurance and nobility, documentaries inform, prod our memories, even stir us to action. Such films do battle for our very soul.

Theodore Bikel

A Minority Pastime

In 2004 the Hunting Act was passed, chasing and killing wild animals with dogs  was banned - and the countryside went to war.

Quick War, Slow Death

Made in the aftermath of the Gulf War a series of four films for Channel 4 won the UN Media Peace Prize and instigated a government inquiry into Gulf War Syndrome.

The Tip of the Iceberg

A look at the breast in the west for BBC's flagship Arts & Culture series. With Marina Warner, Ros Coward, Barbara Windsor and  Russ Meyer.

This is Our Music

Three days of Punks, Psychobillies, Rockabillies and Skins - all under one roof!